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Contacted Omnitrace a year and a half ago - stupidly paid $1500 up front because they advertise themselves as "The People Search Experts". No regular updates even after each communication with them. Provided great deal of information for their search. Do not expect any results from this organization even after several attempts to request verification that they were even searching on my behalf. They are apparently not even willing to give an... Read more

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The worst company ever!! They stole $1600 from me! The people that work there are rude and disrespectful!!

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After almost a year, I hadn't heard a word from OmniTrace. I thought they had taken my money and run. My search for my biological mother seemed as far away as ever and all leads went nowhere. I sent an email to OmniTrace expressing my frustration with them and said I wanted my money back. Unexpectedly, they replied immediately with my biological mother's information. They had been waiting to get more evidence to corroborate the information they... Read more

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We opened a case to search for birth family in January. Like other clients have said, once they get your $$$, they never contact you again. Initially I was impressed as the agent bosted a 98% success rate in my state. I was receiving bi-weekly contacts from their "investigatirs" before I contracted for the services. Then the communication ended. I wrote twice a few months later before getting a reply that they were waiting on something from... Read more

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I am so thankful that I called omni trace they found my wife's father whom she had never met she is 44 years old and they were able to locate him they gave me adress and phone number I said to her honey I've got some great news they found it they found your dad and she broke down and started crying and she was very thankful and happy and she was able to speak with her dad for the first time in 44 years thank you so much omni trace for the hard... Read more

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I found my birth mother with Omnitrace’s help and even though she wasn't ready to meet me yet I surprised her, she wasn't really happy at first but after we sat and talked for a bit and I told her I had to get going she got up out of her chair and gave me a great big hug and a kiss. She was happy to hear that she has two grandkids and four great grandkids. She never thought she would be a grandma because her son never married. What a happy... Read more

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3 years ago I contacted Omni trace to try to find my biological parents and listened to them when they were telling me about all their success stories. At the time I didn't think it was wrong, but when I was on the phone with them they pressured me into making a decision without talking to my wife and I went ahead and did since I had heard great things about them. Granted this was all on their website so I should have been skeptical. It cost... Read more

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in 2013 over three years ago I contacted Omni trace to help locate my adopted sons biological mother. I sent them $1,500.00 dollars hoping for even the least of information. It is now 2016 and I have not had any information nor will customer service return my e-mail. My son and I have submitted information to them to help in the search and nothing has happened. I think this is a scam that takes advantage of people who are hanging on a thread of... Read more

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I have been looking for my father for 33 years one day my sister-in-law gave me the website to TLC Long Lost Family to see if they can help. At first I was hesitant cause I've tried everything that I could think of. I went ahead and gave them a try a week later they have given me an address phone number and DOB. After receiving this I was still hesitant about them so I finally called, the first few times no respond so of course I started... Read more

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When you dont get to even talk to someone first time you call during normal hours... And they dont even return message... Glad no $ was wasted.

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